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Once you have been successful passing your driving test,why not embark on a "Pass Plus" course?

       The "Pass Plus" course is designed to further your driving knowledge by helping you build upon the driving skills you have worked hard to achieve in order to pass your "L" test.

       It will help to improve on Awareness, Forward Planning, Anticipation, Lane change, and much more!.

Taking all that you have learned to pass your driving test to a whole new level!!

       and if that is not enough, some insurance companies will reduce your 1st years premium by upto 40%!!

       The "Pass Plus" course is made up of 6 modules, with each Module taking upto one hour (can be more)

       too complete.

The modules are listed below:


       Module 1{part one} introduction-Explains the Pass Plus syllabus,the key elements of the course.

       Module 1{part two} Town Driving.

       Module 2 all-weather driving.

       Module 3 out of town,driving & rural roads.

       Module 4 night driving

       Module 5 dual carriage ways.

       Module 6 motorways.

You will be helped & assessed on all of the above.

      There is no test at the end of the course, just helpful advice on how you can improve your driving throughout your modules.

       After completing the course you will receive a certificate from the DVSA ,which can then be used with most participating insurance companies who are in the pass plus scheme to a discount on your car insurance. (I would advise you to phone around for the best deals)

Most insurers will give you one years , no claims discount for insuring your own car.

      This course is aimed at new drivers, in their first year of driving after passing there test,

how ever anyone can take it,could be a refresher for some motorists! If you passed your test more than a year ago,you should check with your insurance company whether you will still be eligible for discounts before taking part in pass     plus, but even if you are not eligible, you will will still gain skills in motorway driving!

which in turn builds your confidence!

        For more details, price etc please contact by //  E-mail or call 01502 712698 // 07949 161737